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Today, people are concerned and perplexed about the future. Even before the global pandemic we saw enormous challenges with the global economy, national security, the environment, and social issues and now entire countries are in upheaval. Safety, stability, and certainty are all vitally important to our families and wellbeing. It seems the world is heading towards some climactic events. Where can one find meaningful answers? As we look at the messages of ancient scriptures we see amazingly accurate predictions being fulfilled before our eyes today. These presentations will take you on a thought provoking journey that provide clear and certain direction in an increasingly uncertain world.

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Daniel has presented numerous Bible seminars internationally and across Australia for over 15 years. Having begun as a professional Civil Engineer in 1990, Daniel’s logical approach and Bible knowledge – including travels to the Bible Lands and many significant ancient sites throughout Europe, Asia & the Americas, provide Daniel with experiences that help to unlock amazing Secrets of Bible Prophecy that continue to give millions around the globe hope and certainty in an increasingly hostile world.



24 Topics - In 12 Sessions - Over 6 Weeks

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